We're just a crazy couple out of southern Ohio, working towards the dream: running our own microbrewery.  Any skill that can be taught interests us, especially anything involving self-sufficiency.  I cook and research beer/wine, she bakes and sews, and we brew together.  Well, we pretty much do everything together.  But more about booze...

I've been making wine on and off for five years now.  I remember yesteryears, picking heaps of dandelion heads from the seedy apartment properties across the street to make insecticide wine...those were the days (of vinegar).

But life is good, and now I has become we (damn I love her!), and wouldn't ya know it, she likes the hobby too!  After receiving a Mr. Beer kit in 2008 and being very pleased with the results, we realized the potential this hobby had.  We started into homebrewing beer from scratch together, with the Frostbit Dick recipe.  Now we've always got some beer and wine going, so check back frequently to see what's brewing.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, quandaries, queries, inquiries, incerns, or quandarents, send email to:


Happy brewing!

-Myles and Carla