Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black IPA

Here's our recent Black IPA recipe.  I refrain from calling it a "Cascadian Dark Ale" becuase there are no cascade-like hops present.  We were going for more of an earthy hop presence.  Here we go:

-8 lbs US 2-row

-1 lb German Carafa II

-.5lbs US Caramel 407

-2 lbs granulated white sugar


-.5 oz Perle 7.7% 60 min

-.5 oz Northern Brewer 8.5% 60 min

-.5 oz Perle 7.7% 45 Min

-.5 oz Northern Brewer 8.5% 30 min

-.5 oz Perle 7.7% 15 min

-.5 oz Perle 7.7% 5 min

Mashed with 3 gallons at 152F for 60 min, then sparged with 2.5 gallons 170F water.
The wort tasted delicious, can't wait to taste it finished!
-Myles and Carla Nestok

New brews

Sorry for the lack of updates, the Bunker's been busy.  In fermenters right now we have a black IPA and classic Trippel using WLP500, which we also plan on pitching in a Dubbel next.  Gotta love the belgians!

Just bottled a KY Strong Golden Ale (added the "KY" because it included a corn cereal mash, as well as some apple wine and good ole sasparilla!  Expect details soon!

-Myles and Carla