Monday, February 22, 2010

Apple Wine

This stuff is easy as pie and cheap as mud.  Damn I could go for a mud pie.

Based off of an extremely popular recipe found here, I just scaled it down to do two gallons, and changed ingredients just a little bit.  It yields a very dry wine of about 10% ABV, and can be carbonated like beer to make a knock-you-on-your-ass cider.  Here it is:

Simple Apple Wine, 2 gallons (thank you for inspiration, EdWort)

- 2 gallons of Apple Juice (no preservatives added, but ascorbic acid is fine)
-1 lb white granulated sugar
-2 tsp yeast nutrient (optional)

Montrachet wine yeast

Mix all that stuff up in a pot (or your fermentation vessel), and take a gravity reading.  Don't worry about boiling or any of that crap, the commercial juices are pasteurized.  You could boil the yeast nutrient in a bit of water if you're really worried, but what's the point of worrying?

Our original gravity reading was 1.071.  Then open your little yeast packet and pour it in there, and fit with an airlock.  We mixed everything in a bigger pot since we use 1 gallon jug fermentors then split evenly airlocked each.

Seriously, make some of this stuff, you'll love it.

-Myles Nestok

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