Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Crick is in the bottle!

We bottled the Sour Cherry Crick last night and I've got to say...what a beast!

 A very pink beast!  The sourness came through great, both in aroma and taste.  It finished lower than I expected, with a Final Gravity of 1.013.  It was a little sour for Carla's taste, but I found it superbly tart.  Uncarbonated it tasted almost like a fine wine to me, very dry, with barely a hint of cherry.

We dissolved 6.2 oz corn sugar in 2 cups of boiling water, then cooled it to around room temperature.  Pour while stirring:
We aimed for the higher carbonation level.  This would be a good one for champagne bottles.

And funny enough, later in the night while drinking sour mash whiskey in celebration, I thought I kept smelling the Crick.  After a couple of drinks I realized I was smelling the whiskey!

-Myles and Carla

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  1. Thats pink as hell man! I'd love to taste that. I'm starting to think a nice sour taste would go well in the ipa, a citrus flavor might throw the bitterness way to far. I really think an overly sweet or sour fruit would be better than something citrius, that would just drive the hop bitterness into overdrive and add an additional acidic layer.