Friday, May 21, 2010

I've fallen and getting up slowly

If you've noticed a lack of updates here recently, good for you for visiting so often!

But seriously, a couple weeks ago I fell down a flight of stairs and chipped my left kneecap.  So we've been taking it easy, lots of me laying with my leg up in a brace.

We bottled the 3-grain Citrus Breakfast Ale a few days ago, and I must say, uncarbed, this stuff tasted like some kind of dry white wine!  It finished out at 1.006 (no wonder it tastes so dry), almost opaque and super light in color.  Funny enough, the citrus fruits didn't lose any of their color, but the grapefruit taste came through great.  It's like a smoother, less skunky version of ruby red grapefruit juice.  I'm extremely excited to taste this one carbed and chilled!



  1. Well, how is it carbed and chilled?

  2. Tastes like a sparkling dry white wine, super tasty. The brew buddies are all impressed!

  3. Awesome, gonna have to brew up a batch. Just got a brand new 35qt brew pot. How do you figure your strike and sparge water quantities? How much water are you losing to evaporation during boil?

  4. I made this recipe. I really like it. Belgian witty with orange and bitter pithy fruit taste. I will make it again, for sure.

  5. Glad you like it, I'm not near the notebook right now to tell you how I came up with the quantities. Busy times!